Catalytic ministry isn’t exactly linear. That is, when you actually do Catalytic, it is not a process of clear stages that begin when the last ended. The key parts of Catalytic will eventually be happening all at once. But everything must start somewhere, and with Catalytic that starting point is exploring.

Exploring is the process of going and looking on a university for the student God is preparing to lead the movement charge at that place.

It begins with prayer. After all, since God has already gone in front of us to prepare “people of peace” it’s wise to ask him in prayer to help us find these people. Prayer has to be constant while you explore. Keep asking God to lead you to the right people, to be preparing the right people, and to help you know when you have found them.

Before walking onto any school you will explore, start by asking God for a miracle: “God, help us find the key person you are preparing to lead here.” Then keep asking him until you find it.

Asking God to lead you is the first principle in exploring.

Ways to Explore

There are an unlimited amount of ways to explore. From sharing the gospel, to asking people to help you find christians on the campus, to visiting nearby churches, to finding creative digital methods there is no limit nor is there one perfect way. The practices of exploring in your area in many ways need your leadership to be developed, refined, and created.

Continuing to look is the important principle with exploring. How you look, the methods used will likely vary from country to country and campus to campus. So be creative, keep trying new things and have fun! God has you on a journey of faith, just as he does the person you are trying to find.

Your Responsibility: Looking

God’s Responsibility: Preparing

Just because you are looking, doesn’t mean you will always find that key person you’re praying for. In some countries Catalysts have to look for months, combing through thousands of people to find the one. In others, a visit to a local church or even a face book ad (learn more here) can uproot that person in a matter of minutes.

If you faithfully went looking one day, but didn’t find potential key student don’t lose heart. God asked you to look, he will decide when and where that person will be found.

As you focus on a broad scope of dozens of schools it’s likely that God will not be working in the same on every school. You may not find a key person on one school, but it’s likely that there is one waiting on another. Consider a fluid plan that allows you to move between all the schools in your scope over a short period of time so you can continually keep exploring across each school.

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