How To Multiply

Rapid multiplication is the goal of Catalytic. The desire is to participate in the great commission in a very focused and aggressive way. When Jesus said in Matthew 28, “Go”, the Catalyst hears urgency in his voice. When Jesus continues by saying, “make disciples in all nations”, the catalyst is thinking about the places that don’t have disciples of Jesus yet.

Multiplying can be thought about in two locations. First, the local university you are serving at. Second, the universities within your reach physically or digitally that could use your help through future key volunteers as a catalysts to start movements on those places.

First, Your University

To expand onto your university quickly, you will need a team. This team should be made up of people that share the same basic vision as you for the campus, and are willing to invest a significant amount of time into seeing that vision become a reality. Make a list of people that you know that could potentially join this team with you and invite them to a meeting. At the meeting, share your vision for the campus and your awareness of needing a team. Ask them to join you, and explain what that might look like as best as you can.

Once this team is formed, commit to praying with each other regularly and start the journey of reaching your campus together. This will surely involve evangelism, study groups, and I hope having a lot of fun together as you march toward the mission God has given you. As a team you will need help, so be sure to find a coach to support all of you. If you need one, request one in the “help me” section of this app.

Second, More Universities

You can’t stop at just your university. Early on as a multiplying team take some time to map out your city or region and learn where the other universities are around you, and begin praying for them to have a chance to know Jesus. Consider going to those places to start praying as well.

The most natural next step then, will be to start the journey you began on your school on another by exploring that school and looking for potential key volunteers. Eventually, your team will be coaching key volunteers on schools all around you as you all seek to make more and more disciples on your own school as well.


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