A True Story

One morning in the mountains of western China a young girl woke up to the sound of singing. She walked out her door and looked around to see where the faint sound was coming from. Wandering around, hearing the song echo back and forth between the mountains that surrounded her, she looked up to a pagoda high on the ridge and saw someone.

The sound was so beautiful that it compelled her to immediately start up the path toward the person singing. Every step closer toward the pagoda brought her more and more joy as she heard with greater clarity the words that were being sung. She didn’t understand the words but could recognize the sounds as, “Ha-Li-Lu-Ya.”

Once she arrived she found an old woman sitting on the stone bench with her eyes closed singing loudly.

“What a beautiful song!” The young girl said. “What does it mean?”

The old woman opened her eyes and and smiled at the girl and said, “I’m singing to God, because he has made me joyful.”

The girl saw the joy in the woman’s eyes and asked if she could learn the song.

“Come, join me.” The woman said.

God’s Is Singing Out

Somewhere, someplace in a university dorm near you right now Jesus is faithfully ministering to a young college student. He is preparing their hearts to know him, to follow him, to enjoy him and for his final and most epic challenge into their life: To join him for eternity—to sit with him and sing the song he will give them.

“He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God” Psalms 40 says, but he didn’t stop with me or with you. God’s plan, his deepest desire, is that “many will see and fear, and put their trust in the Lord.”

He is working right now, he is moving. Where exactly? Nobody can really know who’s heart he is working on today, on which campuses, in which nations. But we know this: he invites us to join him as he wakes up the spiritually dead and brings them new life.

God invites us to join him in the work he is doing. Who will go?

Our Response

To see more and more groups of people fall in love with Jesus is at the center of God’s heart. Imagine groups of people all over the world singing songs of joy from the hilltops and valley’s and business centers and hospitals every morning! This is what God wants, what he deserves, and he is building those groups today.

Our opportunity is to enter into the work he is already doing. Find those he is ministering to, teach them to enjoy and obey God, and help them learn to sing out their song over their village or dorm room so that many many others can learn to do the same.

This is a small picture of a spiritual movement. A group of people committed to each other and to the cause of bringing others into the joy of knowing Jesus.

Our response is connected to this desire. If we want songs sung from every mountain top, we need to journey to every village to see who God might be waking up.

As we look at what Catalytic is, it’s simply this: A way for us to faithfully go to those last places that have yet to learn the joy of knowing the Lord.


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