Every Catalyst

All over the world God is preparing people to be used to reach their university,
their city, and their nation. We want to find those people and help them make disciples
on every university campus everywhere.

This is a place for Catalysts that want to learn how to make the kinds of disciples
that will finish the great commission.

Join the adventure.

We Call It Catalytic

A ministry focus that allows a small number of people to start multiple spiritual
movements across a vast scope while never being the leader of any movement they help start.

New believers and old are trained to rapidly multiply their faith
so many more can know God personally.


A True Story: One morning in the mountains of western China a young girl woke up to the sound of singing. She walked out…


Looking to start Catalytic? Here’s a few things you might expect to happen. 1) Expect your faith in God to grow. When God…


God is alive and working today. The thousands upon thousands of students that will enter into a relationship with Jesus…

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